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    Our mission is to create and provide natural but effective skincare products that bring new life and new energy to your experiences with skincare. Our products are hand-crafted for those who have had difficulty in finding skincare products that work. Our products will renew your skin with vigor and a new life. 


    We will build a well-known and reputable skincare brand, which will restore people's confidence with the skincare products that they use. Transparency and integrity will be integral components to our long-term success.


    Operate with transparency.
    As we grow and scale, we'll provide complete visibility into what goes into making your products. We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for you, our customers and our company.
    Customers first. 
    Rejuve Jar exists solely to serve you because you are our first priority. What matters the most to us is your satisfaction. 
    What we do, we strive to do it well.
    We will keep the ingredients simple, but the results complex.
    We want to ensure that you are getting the results that you desire.

    Each of the products we make is thoroughly planned and created, from the product names to the packaging.

    We create every recipe, handmake our products in small batches, and package them in-house to be shipped to their new homes.



    A few years ago, Fonda envisioned that she wanted to make natural skin care products. At the time, she couldn't commit to her vision because of the demands of being an active-duty soldier in the Army. After unforeseen circumstances, Fonda decided to transition out of the military after five years of service. Driven and motivated but unsure of what she would do after her transition, she decided to make her own skincare product to help with her own aches and pains associated with the physical demands that the military had made on her body. Once interest was shown in what she had made, she soon realized that she could help people with their own issues. 


    The first circles we identify with are those found in nature, like the sun & earth. Circles are associated with completeness & wellness.⠀

    The peonies represent beauty in all forms, honor, and grace. Peonies symbolize someone's uniqueness and beauty. 

    Lastly, the lotus is rooted deep in mud and scum. For the lotus to blossom, it must fight its way through the mud and break the surface. Once it has broken through the surface and everything in opposition to it, it emerges and blooms in the beautiful sun, whole as the symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and self-regeneration.