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    I hope that you’ve been doing well! Today, I want to get personal with you & let you know the history of Rejuve Jar & my future goals for the company.
    I used to be a soldier in the Army from 2011-2016. It wasn't the best time in my life, but my experiences there brought me to where I am now. Some of you may have heard bits & pieces of my story, but here's the full story of how I started doing what I do.
    It all started when I medically retired from the military in 2016. My plan was to do 10+ years in the military, possibly more & retire. Life had other plans for me. As some of you may know, during my time in service I was sexually assaulted by another soldier who was in my squad. Once that happened, it was the catalyst to everything that has since happened. Faced with mental diversions as a result of the trauma, I pushed forward & was willing to fulfill the oath that I had sworn to my country. I had sworn to protect my country, only to find out that the organization I was willing to die for didn't care to protect me & others. My perpetrator was never charged or received any punishment. After that, I worked in two other units where I was engrossed in toxic work environments & senior leaders who harassed me on an almost daily basis. After going through all of that, I couldn't take it anymore & opted for a medical retirement (due to my trauma).
    Once I transitioned out of the military, I was so turned off by the idea of working for someone. What I had gone through had changed me so much that I didn't want to be in another toxic work environment. I made myself a promise that I would never work for anyone again in my life. As a result of my experiences Rejuve Jar was created to rejuvenate myself & in the process help others do the same. Year two of being in business & I have found my happiness learned a lot about myself, met & helped a lot of people along the way.
    In the future, I aspire to grow the business in yearly revenue & sales. Once the revenue increases, I want to position the company financially which will allow me to give back to the community in the form of donating a percentage of proceeds to organizations that are working towards ending sexual violence.
    With your support, I am confident that you & I will undoubtedly make this a reality.
    Thank you for listening. It really motivates me so much when I share about how it all started & where it's going.
    Owner, Rejuve Jar