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The services include specialty facials and treatments, and LED acne treatment.

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"Caring for your skin shows love and commitment to yourself from aging to acne, dark spots, and other sun conditions. I'm here to help you. Are you ready to embrace your natural skin and better it?"

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30 mins.

rejuve glo mini facial.

When time is of the essence, this is an effective mini facial. You'll enjoy a relaxing treatment that will address your skin concerns on the day. This facial will clear, balance, brighten and hydrate your skin. Your skin will receive cleansing, exfoliation, a customized mask, completed with a nourishing moisturizer. This is a refreshing treatment for any skin type. You will see an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity. Simply a divine start to radiant and healthy skin!

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75 mins.

rejuvenize facial.

An anti-aging facial is a skincare treatment that reduces signs of aging on the face by improving the appearance of the skin. It targets wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other imperfections using various techniques and ingredients that stimulate collagen production and enhance skin health.

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90 MINS.

refine acne clarifying facial.

The clarifying acne facial is an intensive treatment designed to boost acne prone or congested skin and help to control future breakouts. This facial combines deep cleansing and exfoliation using a gentle anti-inflammatory enzyme. This facial will nourish, protect, and boost healing for any skin type.

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signature skincare products.

We create all natural and clean skin care products that are free of harsh chemicals, so they're much gentler on your skin. They also don't contain any artificial fragrances or synthetic dyes that can irritate sensitive skin. Plus, natural skin care products tend to be more effective than their chemical counterparts because they are closer to the natural compounds in your skin and body.

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